How to know your girlfriend loves you

Have you been worried on how to know your girlfriend loves you, if yes then the answer is right before you ..

knowing if your girlfriend loves you seems to be  the most difficult aspect to ascertain in a relationship; this is because human beings pretend a lot and it is not possible for one to see the heart of another person. For this reason, people keep asking this question: “how to know that my man/woman loves me?”

More so, when a woman is in love, she admires the man of her dreams. A woman in love would go out of her way for her boyfriend.

Read on to get outlined tips that can help you know your girlfriend loves you without asking her directly..

How To Know Your Girlfriend Loves You

Women behave in certain ways when they are in love. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but there are signs of love that are almost universal. Obviously, if she says, “I love you,” then that should be a good sign too. Here are some signs that you and your girlfriend truly have something special together, and should be working on preserving your relationship.

1. She Always Cares About Your Well-being

When your girlfriend loves you she cares more about your well-being and that of your friends..she knows every one of your friends by their name and is truly invested in their matters. You often catch her asking about their personal business and career achievements.

2. You Go On Trips With Her Without Unsettled Disputes...

Trips are the perfect time for every intending/couples to have misunderstanding and arguments. Being in a whole different setting is stressful, and there is a high chance that you will have different outlooks and situations on the traveling activities, which will inevitably lead to disagreements. So many couples and good friends see each other in a whole new light when they go traveling together. If you and your girlfriend can remain calm and enjoy your trip without any unpleasant surprises, then she is definitely loves you.

3. She Respects Your Opinions and Judgments;

if your girlfriend truly loves you, she should be ever willing to hear and care about your opinions, discuss about it respectful and cool with it.
This is to say that your girlfriend should always respects your opinion and your judgment. Notwithstanding you have opposing views or different ways of making the best discussion Regardless of these differences, she should still open to listening to your perspective and treat your views with respect and interest. In any case she is not okay with the judgments , she can calmly talk about it for possible solutions if any and not just flinging  into thin air…

4. She Is Comfortable Including You in Decisions;

You girlfriend who truly loves you doesn’t only respects your opinions and judgments but  should also be comfortable with including you in decisions, from random things like where you should eat dinner to high-stake questions like whether she should accept a new position at work. Though she may not always take your advice, but she should still be interested in hearing what you have to say and take it into consideration.

5. She Sees A Future With You;

When your girlfriend truly loves you, she talks about a future with you, she can’t visualize anything she will be doing in future without seeing you in the picture, any future she see, you are always there… Seeing a future with you doesn’t just mean a wedding and kids. It can be things like vacations you two should go on, areas you should move to,  work or business to venture in and so on.

6. She Doesn’t Over Bill You;
If you girlfriend truly loves you she won’t take advantage of you by asking for more than you can give them. She won’t demand gifts outside your price range, or take advantage of your home.

7. She Introduces You To Her Family And Friends;
When she truly loves you, she would definitely like you to meet her family, friends and loved ones. She proudly presents you to them because she wants them to know that you are the man she desires to spend the rest of her life with.

8. She Does Things To Get Closer To Your Loved Ones;
She does not only introduce you to her family and friends. She also eagerly connects to yours. She loves the people who are dear to you. For this reason, she will do her best to get close to them, so that they will accept her completely as part of her life. She wants to serve and please them.

9. She Is Ever Willing To Make Sacrifices For You;

If your girlfriend truly loves you, she would go out of her way to please you, she can sacrifice her own needs to help you. For instance, back in the university days I know some girlfriends who would do the assignments or projects of their boyfriend even when they have their own works to do.

10. She Is Kind And Patient With You;

Is certain that she will encounter many loopholes in that relationship because is not always a bed of roses but no matter how many headaches you give her,or how annoying you, she would always bring herself to be kind and patient. Even if she gets mad at you for being stubborn, at the end of the day, she would soften up to ask how you have been. She is always patient with you because she chooses to see your good side..

11. She Forgives You Countless Times;

Hurting and Disappointing her some times is an inevitable scenario in a relationship but if she truly loves you no matter how many times you have hurt or disappointed her, she always forgives you. She chooses to forget your failures and gives you a lot of second chances. Her love is unconditional, so she does not focus on your mistakes and flaw.

12. She is your Top Fan and Cheerleader;

You girlfriend who truly loves you is ur number one fan, she cheers you on when you accomplish big things, celebrate your victories, and encourage you when you feel down. She will always let you know that she genuinely believes in you. A  woman who doesn’t love you wouldn’t care about these things.

13. She Says I Love You

This three words ‘i love you’  is a powerful instrument that can ring so strong for us as humans

If a woman tells you that she loves you, and her actions lines up with those words, then know that she truly loves you and would expect you reciprocates..

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Love Dont Cost A Dime

How Does Your Girlfriend Know You Love Her?

A woman knows when a man loves her when he wants to commit with her on all round which involves the following signals;


These signals may include things like:

  • Making her your investment
  • Choosing her over other women
  • Making her a priority
  •  Giving her your attention always
  • Remembering valid details about her like birthdays etc.
  • Gifting and spending on her

Check out our next post for a comprehensive list to know if who you are dating truly loves you.


A woman who loves you will do everything to care for you, she will choose you over and over again, not matter how hard she will try to pretend…you must surely see signs and that feeling that she truly loves you. Being a boyfriend who knows his girl, for sure you can feel how she truly feels for you. It is only you who can tell if your partner is serious about the love she shows you. If you can feel her sincerity in everything she does for you, then that is true love for you.

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