I was impregnated three times by my aunt’s dog in Nigeria – girl reveals

Popular Oyerepa FM interviewed 18 years of age lady concerning her life all in all. To the astonishment of all, she shared an exceptionally stunning encounter she had when she moved from Ghana to live in Nigeria.

The Ghanaian young lady identified as Angela Amewu said, when she left her home in Kumasi to reside in Nigeria with her Aunt, life turned out to be truly excruciating and hard for her since she needed to go through trials.

She described how she was forced to sleep with her aunty’s husband practically everyday and at a point she was additionally compelled to sleep with a dog. Along the line, she got pregnant multiple times and was made to abort all.

Angela further said she was unable to bear it any longer so she needed to go back to Ghana. She sold sachet water to earn a living wage and set up her life back.

The rate at which little young ladies are defied is truly horrendous and disturbing. All pedophiles should be brought to face the law. I pray God’s grace to move on and disregard her past.