ESN was founded to protect the land but most of them were no where to be found, some are busy Womanizing and drinking Beer; Don’t push us into Declaring Biafra unprepared – Chinasa Nworu Warns Biafra Media Broadcasters, Social media Users

Press Realease: ESN Commander Sends a serious Warning to Biafra Media Broadcasters to mind the way they talk

ESN’s commanding officer, Mazi C.N, in a press release made available to radio Biafra, warned all Biafra media warriors to mind the kind of statement they make on social media and to also choose there words carefully while Broadcasting, this was coming after some media warriors starts clamoring for the declaration of Biafra, BIAFRANTIMESUK

Before the Biafra civil war between 1967-1970, some people were telling Ojukwu give us guns .

Records have it that some men hanging around at the beer parlours , market squares were boasting what they will and can do if they were given guns.
They blame Ojukwu for wasting time to start the war , they called him names , even some boasted their connections and contacts to buy arms for the war.

Ojukwu from the bottom of his heart released 30 million pounds to an Nnewi man for the purchase of arms for Biafra war , the man ran away with the money to United States of America bought houses and started living life.

Those that were boasting , pull the trigger, start the war , we can fight ,we shall do this and that , they all ran away , only few men stood by our General Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu for the three years of that bloody war . It’s not that Ojukwu failed but our people “ndi oji onu” all ran away, some ran to the enemy’s side and some ran because they don’t want to be conscripted into the Biafran army during that war period .

Today , social media is here , a lot of fools just like in the 60’s are here parading on this space talking rubbish , on radio they accuse Mazi Nnmadi Kanu of doing nothing only talking , I have never seen one progressive advice from those sons and daughters of devil , they cannot profess any positive thing for the restoration of Biafra . They only hang around on people’s timeline to dish out one imbecilic words from their mouth .

ESN was founded to protect the land but most of them were no where to be found , instead some of them were looking for money to buy “mkpurumiri” prefer going to the bear parlor for drinking womanize and gossiping about what they have no knowledge about and they don’t have anything to contribute other than gossiping .

As you continue to talk rubbish , we are carefully watching , taking records of those who want the war to start today , you will not be begged to join the military service rather you will be conscripted in the military service to fight for your land .
I guess most of them will be on the run again like in the 60’s only the 100 men Mazi Nnamdi Kanu spoke about will be standing behind him .

Talk responsibly , think before you talk , even if your under the influence of drugs make sure the drugs have cleared from your system before you talk . The struggle for the restoration of Biafra is as deep as an ocean.

Some of you talking rubbish on social media , be assured any day that fight you want starts every male child from 16yrs up will be conscripted into the Biafra Army don’t tell us “Na by force” .

Instead of facing the enemy, they are bashing their leaders.
It is either you are for the struggle or you are against it.
It is either you trust the leadership or you are against the leadership.
If you think the leadership is not doing it, get your own leader.
The leadership can’t be bossed into acting the way you want it. They will do it exactly the way leaders should.
Don’t think you are the only one angry. We all are angry. And what some of us are doing is understandable, but for you to start bashing the DOS is insanity.
You think the zoo would have said, oh Mazi Nnamdi Kanu you are free. The problem is that you guys underestimate the zoo.
When I call for restraint, don’t think I haven’t seen the hell coming. Go back in history and read my warnings.
If these things don’t happen, how can MNK bring hell to the zoo.
Don’t you think that there is now enough reason for hell to come?

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