IPOB replies Presidency, says comment against East deprecatory and upsetting

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has replied the federal government of Nigeria known as the Presidency over comment tagged “the animals disturbing the peace of South East”.
 Remember IPOB which the federal government of Nigeria labeled terrorist was days given asylum by the UK government, 
Meanwhile,the press statement issued by IPOB to the presidency through its Media and publicity sectary Comrade Emma powerful reads:
The consideration of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the order and initiative of our extraordinary and unstoppable pioneer, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has been drawn ludicrous, deprecatory, flighty and profoundly provocative comments by the Presidency through Garba Shehu that the reestablished tumult for self assurance in the South East was on the grounds that the government had would not share cash to those behind the fomentation. Shehu went further in his reprimands and undermined military activity to pulverize those he alluded to as “the creatures upsetting the tranquility of South East”. 
We thusly, challenge Shehu to specify those the government has been paying in the South East to drop the unsettling for self assurance. In the event that he neglects to uncover the recognizes of the recipients and proof of such installments, we will take it to be one of the bold untruths which have become the brand name of the Muhamnadu Buhari-drove Fulani-controlled government. 
Without representing different defenders of self assurance, we realize that the national administration of Nigeria has been putting forth unglued however pointless attempts to prompt the initiative of IPOB with cash to conceivably drop the mission for Biafran reclamation. 
Government has severally however without progress, endeavored to purchase over our chief Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, making him some compelling offers. In any case, if there were any Efulefus strutting self as Igbo pioneer that acepted their offer, we can guarantee them that such Efulefus can’t peneterate IPOB. IPOB isn’t, has never been, and won’t ever be keen on the scraps from national legislature of Nigeria. 
We additionally wish to remind the Fulani Presidency that solitary a guaranteed and unreasonable dolt will at any point liken cash to the intention behind the developing tumult for self assurance across Nigeria. In the event that cash is the thing that we need, we realize what to do to get more cash. How frequently in the past did our chief oddball your monetary actuations? On the off chance that you know those individuals that asked the late Buhari, Jubril Al Sudani or Yusuf Abubakar Mohammad for cash, we are beseeching you to kindly distribute their names. As a group, Biafrans are venturesome and we don’t think we are behind any area regarding riches and monetary security notwithstanding the abusive arrangements of this 97% versus 5% Government focused against our persevering celebrated children and girls and the monopolistic inclinations of the Fulani Janjaweed. 
Our focus on Biafra unsettling is opportunity! We are burnt out on imparting a geological space to psychological militants. We are worn out on being managed by government authorities who feast and wine with psychological militants however mistreat and execute honest political dissidents. We are burnt out on being decided by an administration that pays payoff to crooks, liberates psychological militants however imprisons unarmed nonconformists. We are worn out on abusive government that advances nepotism and shamefulness. 
Nothing can change our purpose to liberate Biafra from the Nigeria subjugation. No measure of promulgation by Government can make us adjust our perspective. In the event that Shehu and his Presidency don’t have the foggiest idea, BIAFRA is more approaching than they might suspect. The night is far spent, and the new sunrise is practically here with the Rising Sun of our incredible country at the limit! 
The danger by the Presidency to arrange military activity to pulverize the creatures upsetting the harmony in South East, has basically affirmed our caution meanwhile that the national government is the one supporting the heightening instability in the zone to give a pardon to another military activity to slaughter more honest Biafrans. It’s just appalling that the political first class for their self centered interests have neglected to understand this. 
However, we ask the Presidency to initially pulverize the scoundrels and fear based oppressors invading the whole North and center Belt prior to leaving on any military activity in the South East, else they may need to get ready well indeed. 

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