The Earlier You start FEARING Nmadi Kalu is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge

Some persons in polities and others who revere themselves as interllectuals have not yet want to accept the fact that Mazi Namdi Kalu is another great ICON just like the late Ikemba Ojukwu who had so much respect all for himselve during his days.

Most political persons see him as a no body. They might be right for some reason they think best suits their status but He is not just an Igbo leader as they regard him as but also a Briafran leader which Igbo is part of.

Namdi Kalu has the power to command as much youths in the Igbo land. In fact millions are just waiting for him to say the word and they will pick up his word and follow as thus. He does not net monetary inducement just like most political person and governors before he can gather millions around him.

The IPOB leader once said that he will move to Abuja with millions of IPOB members for his court case, and Nigeria government had to quickly truncated the court case by attacking his family which led to the death of his parents.

The fear this man instils is the beginning of wisdom. Just they announcement of his parents burial Nigerian deployed soldiers not at standpoints of strength but of fear. The Nigerian government knows how powerful this man is and both his influence even oversees.

Always note that the governors of the south east will always work hard to please the Fulani. But IPOB will always neutralize them. The people will depend on IPOB for all things.

By :Elochukwu Ohagi for family writers press international….


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