There’s Nothing Like or Anything Called Niger Delta, Bendel Or South-South — Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has commend the people of Ijaw in Bayelsa State for supporting the agitation for Biafra, adding that Biafra is “one”.

While commending the ethnic group, the IPOB leader said “Biafra is one, from the same common Anambra ancestry.”

In the statement received, on Friday, by Daily Time TV via his official Facebook page, Kanu noted that there is nothing like Niger Delta, Mid-West, Bendel or South-South.

He described the name ascribed to the regions, as a ploy to divide “Biafrans”.

The IPOB leader said;

“Is it not apparent that British/Fulani fraudulent divide and rule system that turned Biafrans against one another and rendered supposedly enlightened generations useless by making them subservient to the political manipulations of illiterate terrorists from the Sahel has come to an end courtesy of IPOB.

“I salute the leadership of IPOB across Ijawland, especially in Bayelsa State for speaking truth to the wise saying of our ancestors that “the only person you can show me is my brother not my friend” Ihe ana egosi nmadu bu nwanneya.

“Biafra is one, from the same common Anambra ancestry. Shame on all saboteurs, IPOB has proven that blood is indeed thicker than water. There is nothing like Niger Delta, Mid-West, Bendel or South-South. We only have one east, one region, one Biafra, one nation under God.”


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