How to love yourself

In most occasions, it seems easier to love others than ourselves. Loving yourself means recognizing your self-worth and living honestly on your own as much as you can. With  little practice and patience, you can learn how to love yourself.

Do things you feel good about, think of feeling good all round ranging from physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Feeling good at all cost requires  exercise, meditation, dancing and keeping positive routine

Loving yourself can be one of the hardest thing to do but it is definitely the most important thing you should do…

Dangers of Not Loving Yourself..

Lack of loving yourself can lead you to make harmful choices. It often equates to a lack of self-worth that leads to conscious or unconscious self-sabotage and prevents individuals from advocating for their own basic needs.

Lack of yourself can lead to a harmful dependence on others for validation. Relying on others for validation often leads people to set aside their own needs in order to gain others’ approval.

Lack of loving yourself can also prevent emotional healing and progress; one study showed that individuals who engage in self-blame and ignoring themselves had poorer outcomes in psychotherapy.

15 Best Steps on How To Love Yourself…

Earlier this year was very difficult for me. I was really struggling with my emotions, mental health and battling from depression and anxiety. I looked around and admired other successful and beautiful women loving themselves women, I wondered: How do they do it? How do they manage to feel so good?

I tried finding out and wanted to share with other women who, in a situation like mine who wanted to feel happy, loving and well. In a core solution energy I decided to compile self -love recipe anybody can use in loving themselves..

1. Do not Compare

In as much as we tends to be competitive, comparing yourself can be very dangerous although is natural…But there is absolutely no point in comparing yourself to anyone else on the planet because there is no photocopy of is just only that case instead of comparing yourself to anyone else , focus on yourself and journey ahead . Thus have an inner love that you will feel forever..

2. Know that Mistakes are Certain..

This adage that ‘ nobody is perfect’ should always read in your mind that everybody makes mistake in one way or the other ..the good thing is that the older or experienced you get the more pressure you avoid..Don’t be hard on yourself, try that thing, make that mistake so you can learn from it…Fight for a better yesterday and forge ahead for a brighter future.

3. Don’t Be Disturbed About Others Opinion/ Expectations…
Don’t be clouded about what the society thinks or expects of you. You cannot please everyone happy, so trying to make everyone happy is a killer goal and it will always slow you down in your life journey.

4. Don’t Call Yourself Names…

Don’t ever call yourself irrelevant names rather speak positive to yourself…Calling yourself negative names reduces you to the lowest..
Saying words like ” I am a disappointment” after getting fired from a job is unjust to you, instead speak positivity to your live, ‘ I lost my job today but there are greater opportunities ahead just for me to get there.
Going as far as saying’ I am so foolish” is absolutely reductive..if you feel foolish, it’s more likely that you have a lack of knowledge about something. Instead, think, “I don’t know how to do this basic home maintenance. Perhaps I could take a class and learn to do this in the future.”

5.  Appreciate Yourselves Always

Appreciate who you are, what you are, what you do and what you stand for. Appreciate your good deeds and don’t always hide them away. If you want to be appreciated by others , then you have a duty to first appreciate yourself..You are Unique, You are you and nobody else like you..

6. Be Kind to yourself Always..

Be your best friend and treat yourself with upmost kindness…You can make mistakes, trials and tribulations can come but know that you are not a resultant effect of Don’t be too hard on Yourself and believe in You always..

The world is full of harsh critique —don’t add yours to it..Speak kindly and positive to yourself, and don’t call yourself mean things. Celebrate yourself always not just on your birthdays but also on random situations.

7. Your Body Look doesn’t Determine Your Value.

This is fundamental! So many things in the world want to distract you from this powerful truth. Sometimes even your own internalized sexism affirms your thoughts of inadequacy. You are valuable because you are you, not because of your body.

So, wear what makes you feel good. If it’s a lot or if it’s a little, wear what makes you feel confident, comfortable, and happy.

8. Do Things That Make You Feel Good…

Think of feeling good physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Do what it takes to feel good in multiple ways; it may require exercise, meditation, dancing and keeping a positivity journal. Find a routine that feels good and stick to it.
Spend time alone doing activities you love, or take yourself on a fun outing such as going to the movies or even going out to eat, whether it be crumbs or your favorite dessert. Don’t forget to take advantage of your time and use it for pleasure!

9. Let Go Of Toxic People…
If there is any one or your friend bringing toxicity into your life without taking responsibility for them, do not he afraid to let them go, it might be difficult at first but it is relieving, liberating and important..
Not everybody takes responsibility for the energy they put out into the world. If there’s someone who is bringing toxicity into your life and they won’t take responsibility for it, that might mean you need to step away from them. Don’t be afraid to do this. It’s liberating and important, even though it may be painful.

Remember: Protect your energy. It’s not rude or wrong to remove yourself from situations or the company of people who are draining you.

10. Process Your Fears..

Feeling afraid is an is natural and human. Don’t reject your fears or be afraid of them rather understand them. This healthy exercise can really help with your mental health. Interrogating and evaluating your fears helps you to gain clarity and unmask issues in your life that were causing you anxiety. That, in turn, can help alleviate your anxiety…

11. Trust Yourself..

In most occasions we often doubt ourselves and our ability to do the right always know what is right and wrong in your heart, Don’t forget that your feelings are valid, you know yourself than anyone else, so be your best advocate.

12. Take Every Opportunity Life Presents Or Create Your Own...

Do not misuse any opportunity that comes your way unless it wasn’t fully accessible…

The timing is never going to be perfect one to reach that next big step in your life. The set up may not be that large, but that shouldn’t hold you back from reaching to meet your goals and dreams. Instead, seize the moment because it may never come back.

Love and invest in yourself always..

12. Put Yourself First..

Although this shouldn’t be a habit that will cost you your mental or emotional well-being, there is time and place it will always fit in.
Don’t feel bad about doing this. We often get  accustomed to putting others first.

13.. Feel That Pain And Joy As Fully As You Can…

Free yourself to feel things fully, feel that pain, reflect in that joy and don’t limit your feelings..Pain and Joy are emotions that can help understand yourself and plainly know that you are you and not your feelings.

14. Be Bold in Public

Boldness is like a muscle, it grows as you exercise it so go into the habit of speaking your mind. Do ’t  always wait for permission to take a seat at the table to join a conversation your are in.. contribute your quota, act when necessary and know that your voice is as important as anyone else’s.

15..Embrace Positive Beliefs About Yourself…

People often get disturb in letting go of negative thought that they think or know about themselves, they always dwell in them and forget to embrace positivity in the life..These negative thoughts often come from people we Derek love and acceptance from.

Overcome negative beliefs and embrace positivity fully in loving yourself..

16. See beauty in the simple things

There are different beautiful things you can notice about you in you get focused.Try to notice at least one beautiful thing around you every single day. Make note of it, appreciate and be thankful for it.

17.Avoid Perfectionism..

Avoid Seeing perfection in everything that comes your way or become too hard on yourself because you did not perfect something..Don’t Forget the adage that says ‘nobody is perfect’ ..If you find yourself pursuing perfectionism and feeling negatively about yourself when you are not that perfect, then rephrase your thinking, work towards a goal and focusing on achieving it…

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Know that loving yourself as you deem fit might not necessarily happen overnight but with time and some work it will fit in and you will love and admired yourself always..

Even if you don’t feel great at the moment , think about how far you’ve survived and feel the memories of being alive and powerful beyond your knowledge.

I believe this blog was helpful… please comment in any where you are lost or want to know more!

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